The Playground Appeal went into suspended animation during "Lockdown", along with the rest of life as we all used to know it!

To help us we have a new Chair of our Playground Appeal, Nicola Holmes. Nicola has lots of experience of fundraising and has her own fundraising company, Soul & Co.  So, we're sure she has lots of exciting ideas coming up to make it fun raising the money for OUR new Playground.

Well, we were about to re-appear with a series of events to restart our fundraising. The events were due to start with a "Spinathon" at Ilkley Tennis Club at the end of August. However, sadly the virus has gotten the better of us on this occasion so we had to postpone this event until it is possible for the Tennis Club to reopen its doors. Watch this space however!

However, we will be launching a PUBLIC SURVEY to hear what local people have to say and to get their ideas to help ensure we have listened to them before designing the new area. wE ALSO WANT TO HEAR YOIUR VIEWS ABOUT WHAT IMPROVEMENTS YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE PARKS AS A WHOLE!

We want the Playground to be state of the art, with something for all ages and abilities to enjoy. This is going to take some time to achieve but are determined to achieve it! Please support the upcoming events and soon we will be able to get the Playground we all want.