FOIRP is run and supported by volunteers. Hence the labour for things we do on a regular basis doesn't cost us anything. However, materials and equipment often do. We also have various overheads, such as Insurance to cover anything that happens to our volunteers or indeed members of the public when we are working in the Park or organising events such as fundraisers. Also things like leaflets, posters and banners to advertise what we are doing, such as the Playground Regeneration Appeal. This needs to be funded.

When we apply for funds to pay for specific projects we usually get the funds for just that. For example, the new Children's Bins in the Playground or the design of the new signage, or the seeds for the wildflower areas, or the bulbs for our annual bulb planting. What we lack is core funding to support the general running of the organisation. So we have decided to have a Membership Scheme with modest annual fees which will help to underpin the overheads and recurring costs that the organisation has to meet.

FOIRP is now a Registered Charity (No. 1189048). We are registered under "Association" Model Rules, which means we will have a membership which can vote on key issues and elect the organisation's Committee. You can see a copy of our Rules by clicking on this link.

As a member we will keep you informed regularly about what we are thinking and doing, and from time to time ( and at least once a year) we will have a General Meeting where you can review our finances and discuss directly with the Committee what they have been doing. And of course you can vote on membership of the Committee that runs FOIRP.

If you would like to become a Member of Friends of Ilkley Riverside Parks and support the ongoing work that we do you can do so by  the following means:.

1. Complete the Membership Form via the button at the bottom of this pageThe information we require is very minimal as we do not wish to hold too many of your personal details.
Our Privacy Policy is on the form. The full version can be accessed via the link at the bottom of each webpage. 

NB: Once you have completed the form and submitted you should check the category of membership you wish to join and make the appropriate payment by one of the methods below

2. You can pay your membership either via cheque, made payable to "Friends of Ilkley Riverside Parks" and send it to:

The Chair, FOIRP, 12 Lister Street, Ilkley, LS29 9ET (Please write "Membership" on back of cheque)

3. Or you can pay via a bank transfer to|:

Our Natwest Account: Account Name: Friends of Ilkley Riverside Park     Account No.63645122    Sort Code: 53-61-23

NB: Please write "Your Name and Membership" in the description box of the online payment

2022/23 Membership Fees are as follows:

Individual Membership  £10.00

Family Membership £15.00

Corporate Membership £25.00

Membership Form

We've made the membership application process as quick and easy as possible. Simply answer the following questions, check the box to agree to the objectives of the charity, and hit the big green submit button.

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Reason for Application

Friends of Ilkley RiversideParks encourage all members to become involved in the operation and activities of the Charity. There are a number of ways members can contribute and influence its work. Please tick the boxes below that you may be interested in.


Do you have any skills or experience that you think could be helpful to our operation? Don't worry if you don't, as there are many ways people can help that require no previous skills at all.


If you have any additional information about your membership application, please provide it here


The Charitable Objects of Friends of Ilkley Riverside Parks: For the benefit of Ilkley and the surrounding area (“the area of benefit”) to provide or assist in the provision of facilities of recreation and other leisure time occupation in the interests of social welfare with the object of improving the conditions of life for the inhabitants of the area of benefit, in particular but not exclusively by the preservation, promotion, support, assistance and improvement of Ilkley Riverside Parks.

Privacy Statement

Friends of Ilkley Riverside Parks will only use the information you have provided to us for the purposes of making contact with you, to inform you of the activities or the operation and governance of the Charity. For example, you will be entitled, as a member, to attend the General Meetings and any other Member Forums which we call from time to time to discuss the policies and priorities of the Charity. We will inform you of our activities. Your information will be kept securely and will not be disclosed to any Third Party.

Gift Aid

If you were to gift aid your membership subscription FOIRP can claim an additional 25p in every £ you have given.

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