OUR REGULAR VOLUNTEERS: We'd like to thank all those who week in and week out turn up in all weathers to carry out maintenance tasks in the parks and who have been involved in a variety of projects ( in fact pretty well all of the projects mentioned below, as well as regular maintenance jobs such as Litter Picking, Path edging, coppicing, bench and bin renovation, publicity, flowerbed weeding and maintenance, etc., etc. , etc.!)

THE BRADFORD COUNCIL PARKS TEAM: We know the Council often gets a lot of stick from people, but the Parks team have been supportive in ensuring that the bins are emptied and the grass is cut and have replaced some of the rusty old bins and helped us with the removal of offcuts, old wood, etc. They have also planted some new trees and removed some that have died off.

NEW FLOWERBEDS AT THE MEMORIAL AREA AND BRIDGE LANE ENTRANCE: Our most recent of ventures. Particular thanks go to Helen Taylor and her merry band of Landscape Gardeners, who helped to design the flowerbeds and planting scheme and actually planted out the new plants. They also have found us additional plants from other donors. We also want to thank the local Co-op members who donated much of the money we have used to pay for the plants as well as the topsoil, machinery etc.in these fantastic beds and to some of the suppliers who gave us discounts on topsoil and mulch (Greenland's and Strulch.com respectively). Thanks also to SHC who have us a discount on plant hire and to Joe Bonner a local builder who lent us his Dumper Wagon and Digger. The big effort came again from our Volunteers who laboured to clear the area of turf and the bricks and compacted soil!

WILDFLOWER AREA: A work in progress but thanks to all who turned up to clear the area of the cut grass in preparation for the seeding. Particular thanks to Jim Milne who has advised us on how to go about the creation of this area.

RENOVATION OF RAISED BEDS: Thanks to the Volunteers who have renovated these and sanded and repainted them. Sadly an ongoing task!

THE PLAYGROUND: This has been a long slog trying to get this going. It is about to take off so thank you to all those who have agreed to come on board the Steering Group. They have a big task ahead to raise the additional funds we will need. In the meantime, thanks to Dominique Demaine, who put together a highly successful  Survey asking people about what they want in the park and in particular the Playground. This will form the basis of the design for the New Playground area. Thanks also to Kyle Green who helped with the survey.

Thank you also to Nicola Holmes who has been organising the various Parent Teacher Associations of the local Primary Schools and some forthcoming fundraising events, and to everyone who has already made a donation! 

We hope the new Playground will be finished by March 2022.

Finally thanks to everyone I have just forgotten to thank! MORE THANKS TO FOLLOW!