During the Autumn of 2022 part of the Embankment at the east end of Riverside  Gardens was recovered from its overgrown state and replanted by FOIRP volunteers with help from Landscape Gardeners, Helen Taylor and Associates. This is now flourishing and volunteers have been working on the other side of the Embankment which is about to be replanted during the Autumn of 2023 and the Spring of 2024.

We have to also thank volunteers from both Virgin-O2 and Ilkley local firm, Hi Speed Training, who have put in amazing efforts to help us clear the embankment areas of pernicious weeds and roots which had to be cleared before new plants could be put in their place. 

Finally we want to thank all the local people who have supported us, through donation of cash and plants. Our work is for them and it is heartwarming to see the support we have been given.