Following many meetings and the involvement of Town and District Councilors we finally have a "Hot Weather" Plan of Action in place. Additional Litter collections for the Parks and larger trade waste bins at the entrances in conjunction with regular clean ups by volunteers from FOIRP and additional volunteers through Ilkley Chat, have helped to reduce the litter levels ( note reduce, not eliminate!). Additionally the Police have used Dispersal Orders where necessary and ordered the closing of the Swing Bridge at East Holme Fields where the Council have posted additional Security Guards on specific days. The Council have also instituted stronger parking measures along Denton Road with the placing of bollards by the roadside to stop dangerous kerb parking and increased the warden presence on particular days.  Everyone involved realises there is much more to do, including running a major Public campaign to tackle to scourge of littering and Ant Social behaviour amongst a significant minority of visitors to our Parks. We are all in for the long haul!

We do not want this kind of publicity for Ilkley in future.