The Playground Appeal went into suspended animation during "Lockdown", along with the rest of life as we all used to know it. However, we are now going full steam ahead to get this project off the ground.

As we start to design the Refurbishment of the Playground, raise funds  and continue to develop a new plan for the Parks areas we want to hear the views of all Park users and those who want to visit. What would they really want to see? Funders will want to hear what users think

We want the Playground to be state of the art, with something for all ages and abilities to enjoy. This is going to take some time to achieve but are determined to achieve it! Please support the upcoming events and soon we will be able to get the Playground we all want.

The Survey is due to close at the end of November so if you haven't yet completed this short survey then please help us by doing so as soon as possible. Follow the link below: